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Plot: Kill the Copycat Empty Plot: Kill the Copycat

Post by Empress Naga on Tue Dec 29, 2015 12:53 pm

In the year x418, Akame, and Night Raid, took control of the empire. Shortly after, A note book was found. A notebook containing detailed descriptions of how imperial arms, other wise known as Teigu, were created. Night raid took it upon themselves to repair all of the imperial arms that had been broken throughout the battles, and then quickly sealed the book away. 

15 years later, year x433, peace began to fall away from the kingdom. People were beginning to revolt, demanding that it was unfair that people, people completely unrelated to the royal family, had taken control of the kingdom. So, to stop these acts of violence and protest, they named Octavia, aunt of the previous royal kingdom, queen of the empire. She had no real power, she was merely a figure head who kept people calm. 

x445, Night raid is disbanded. 

In the year x457, Octavia passed, and her son, 18 year old Lance, became the new king. Lance was a decent man, however, like most men who gained power, he wanted to be remembered. So, Lance took a page out of his ancestors book, quite literally actually, and began to hunt down danger beasts and create more imperial arms. By the end of King Lance's rain, year x511, hundreds of imperial arms had been created. All though they were all powerful, they were missing something. Something that Lance's ancestor, the king who originally crafted Imperial arms, left out of the book, making these new imperial arms slightly weaker then the 48 created before. 

In the year x514, Lance crowned his eldest daughter, Sumia, Queen of the kingdom. Quickly after becoming queen, in the year x515, Sumia died. The official, documented cause: the flu. However, someone in the kingdom knew it wasn't the flu. It was poison. Sumia's sister, Lilinette, knew far too well that the cause of her death was poison, and the one responsible for it, was Henry, Sumia's husband. Of course, without any proof, Lilinette kept her mouth shut, and continued on, hoping to one day find proof.

As Henry had now become the ruler of the kingdom, things began to fall back into a slippery slope. Not only had the wealthy of the land begun to abuse the poor once more, but some of the poor began to go missing. At first, small numbers, but as time grew on, so did the number of people disappearing. It was one day, in the year x516, that Lilinette stumbled upon something. A labratory. In this labrotory, Lilinette saw people, people being experimenter on. People being turned into monsters, monsters which Henry planned on using on the people of not only his own kingdom, but of kingdoms around the world. 

Lilinette quickly fled, and began to search for people to help. In the year x518, she found someone. She found the leader of the revolutionary army. She was then tasked with forming a new night raid. 

Now, almost 100 years have passed since the revolutionary army took control of the empire, and the revolutionary army, along with night raid, has come back into action.
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