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Post by Empress Naga on Fri Jan 01, 2016 3:32 am

Mission: Kill The Starting Point
Rank: D
Faction: This mission is for any faction.
Player Requirements: At least 100 words per post, minimum of 10 posts. Max 3 people.
Mission Requirements: Kill gifnora dogs, minimum 2 per player, max 5 dogs per person.
Mission Location: Gifnora Forest
Mission Description: People all around the capital have been complaining about the rise of Gifnora dogs. These dogs keep breeding faster then the Imperial army can handle alone. Although not very hard to beat they travel in groups and work together to take down prey. Their rapid breeding rate and the fact that they eat anything that crosses their path made them a problem for everyone. So the Lord Tybalt has issued a reward for every pelt that is brought to him of the ravenous breed.
Mission Rewards: 25 exp + danger beast reward points ( ranges depending on the quality of the thread).  And an additional reward of 3 coins per pelt (max coins 45 coins)
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