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Post by Empress Naga on Thu Oct 29, 2015 6:11 am

Exp Requirements: 

  • D-rank: 0 exp
  • C-rank: 450 exp
  • B-rank: 2,000 exp
  • A-rank: 9,000 exp
  • S-rank: 23,000 exp
  • Z-rank: Z-rank is acquired by reaching the highest ranks in the Imperial Army and Revolutionary Army. You have to either a commander of the imperial army (0/3), Revolutionary Army (0/3), or the leader of night raid (0/1). Currently, all these spots will be filled by NPC's until people reach a high enough rank to obtain them.

Ways to get EXP: 

  •  Killing Danger beasts
  •  PC vs PC fights
  •  Events/Event Items
  •  Missions (most efficient way to get exp)
  •  Staff generosity (most unlikely way to get exp)

Missions: You can do missions up to 1 rank higher then yourself, however, you must be with someone of the same level or higher as you. All missions of the same rank do not give the same exp. It depends on what you have to do to complete the mission. However, there is a maximum and a minimum amount of exp given.

  • D-rank: 25-75 exp 
  • C-rank: 80-250 exp
  • B-rank: 300-600 exp
  • A-rank: 700-900 exp
  • S-rank: 950-1,500 exp

Killing Danger Beasts: By rolling dice and facing danger beasts or various levels, you can gain a certain amount of exp. You will not get the exp immediatly after killing the creature. After you are done with the thread, you should post in the "Rewards thread", and staff will reward you with the exp if you deserve it. If it does not seem realistic enough, you may not get the exp. Killing danger beasts in mission threads, whether it was required or not, will reward you with 1/2 the exp of killing monsters outside of missions. The amount of exp will also vary depending the fight itself. 

Note: You must keep track of how many danger beast's you have killed, and what level they were. Staff will not do this for you.

TeiguWeapon/ShiguBare handed

Combat: By fighting one another in IC situations, you can post the link to the thread in the "Rewards thread". Staff will then look over the thread, and give you exp based on skill, rank, and the amount of people. Both people will not get the same amount of exp, and the victor is not guaranteed to be rewarded with more exp then the other participant(s). 

Maximum EXP:

  • D-rank: 50 exp
  • C-rank: 300 exp
  • B-rank: 800 exp
  • A-rank: 2,000 exp
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