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Post by Admin on Thu Jan 22, 2015 11:17 am

So you want your character to have an ultimate weapon. Who doesn't? Teigu are the coolest objects out there. Just remember, only Revolutionary army members, Night Raid members, Jaeger, and B-rank, A-rank, or S-rank Soldier characters can get a Teigu.

[center][size=18][b]Teigu Full Name Here[/b][/size]
[img]Picture here if applicable. Delete this part if you do not have one.[/img][/center]

[b]Teigu's Name:[/b] (Make it fancy. Different languages are recommended.)
[b]Teigu's Type:[/b] Is it a sword? An axe? A spear? Armor? A box of make-up? Tell us what kind of Teigu it is.
[b]Elemental Affiliation:[/b] (Things that aren’t exactly elements such as “Soul energy” and “Lunar/Solar” are allowed. If no affiliation of any kind, mark N/A)
[b]Appearance:[/b] (At least 30 words describing what it looks like.)
[b]Length:[/b] (Only applicable to weapon Teigu)
[b]Weight:[/b] (How much does it weigh? Applies to all teigu)
[b]Type:[/b] Is it offensive (used for attacking)? Defensive? Supportive (used to power-up yourself or others)?
[b]Abilities/Attributes:[/b] (what can it do and at what rank an it start to do it? Does it give stat buffs? Stat debuffs? Does it shoot fire? Contain a deadly poison? Allow it's user to control water? Tell us what it does in a paragraph of no less than 25 words per rank.)

[b]Trump Card Name:[/b] (what is the trump card called/refereed to as by the user?)
[b]Trump Card:[/b] ([b]You do not unlock your trump card until B-rank[/b]. This is your ultimate, last resort attack. What does it do? How do you have to activate it? This will usually drain all your remaining energy. Is it offensive? Defensive? Supplementary?)

[b]Drawbacks:[/b] (What is a weakness of this weapon? Does it slow you down? Does it have a long cool down? Could it harm the user? Must be at least one and must be at least 15 words per drawback.)

[b]Character ties:[/b] How did you find it/get a hold of it? Was it given to you by the military? Passed down from generation to generation? Did you just find it lying around? This can be copied and pasted from your character history, however, it must be at least 15 words. Be a bit descriptive, don’t just say “Got it from their dad”)

[b]Teigu history:[/b] (Optional. What is the history of the weapon? If you don’t want to type this, or if your character does not know, or you just don’t know what to put yet, just put N/A)

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