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"When everything else in the world goes dark, it is our responsibility to remain lit."


Name: Lilinette Naga Pāramī
Age: 21
Birthday: May 17th
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Faction: Night Raid
Rank: D
Teigu: Buddhas Sixth Sati: Saṅkhāra

The Facade

Build: Slender
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 125 pounds
Skin Color: Pale
Hair color: Green
Eye Color: Green
Attire: Lilinette always keeps her composer, something visible in bother her posture, and attire. Normally, she will dress in red. She is rarely found simply roaming the streets of the kingdom, for her face is on a wanted poster with about five of them posted on every block. She wears a red dress which falls to her thighs, a dress which is stitched up the sides, and a pink, fabric belt tied around her waist. A belt which matches the cape and hood she has around her neck at all times. Lilinette wears red, thigh high boots, and a matching red hair tie to keep her long, aquatic queen hair tied up in a pony tail. 

Now a days, Lilinette doesn't go to many formal events. However, she still has a white dress that she managed to sneak out with her the day she left the castle. 
Extra: Her body is flawless. (no one would dare touch a princess, at least, back when she was still living in the castle.)

The Persona

Personality: Lilinette is a women who has become in touch with her inner goddess. A women who practices the six perfections, generosity, morality, patients, energy, meditation, and wisdom. Of course, she merely practices these traits, but she is far from perfecting all of them. Even as a child, Lilinette was always generous, and full or morality. Always wanting to help others, and always being overly compassionate, even when the situation does not call for it. Lilinette was even known throughout the castle by her family and by the Castles staff as a girl filled with not only compassion and morality, but with energy as well. Even today, she is constantly running around, trying to do as much as she can. 

Of course, with these personality traits come a few flaws. being so eager to help the world. Lilinettes wisdom and patients suffer, stopping her from seeing the bigger picture. Although she will always be open to suggestions, she tends to pick strategies that are more cautious, and more likely to spare the majority of lives. Because of this, she does not wish to remain the leader of Night Raid, and has titled herself the "Interim Leader of Night Raid". Whether or not Lilinette remains the "Interim Leader of Night Raid", she will do her job to the best of her ability. 

When Lilinette is not working, she can be found in one of two places. The first, her bed room. If she is not working, and is still at head quarters, she will be either sleeping, which she only does at night hours unless she was up all night working, or meditating. Thinking, trying to train her brain to be calm, cool, and collected. 

The second place Lilinette can be found is the humble city of Gyogan. She loves walking beyond the walls of the capital for a plethora of reasons. No one in Gyogan is likely to recognize her and try to turn Lilinette in for her bounty, it is far from the scum of the capital, and, most importantly, there are always people who she can help. Gyogan being as poor as it is, it is only natural that someone with Lilinettes caring personality go there and try their hardest to help people, whether it be financially, or by helping them do tasks. 

Fighting Style: Lilinette always goes into a fight clear headed. Her objective is to inflict as little pain as possible, but still ending the fight quickly. However, even with this idea in her head going into battle, it can quickly be torn away by people taunting her. She hates being made fun of, it chips away at her very spirit, causing her to simply attack her opponent instead of going at is calmly. As for her Teigu, Saṅkhāra, Lilinette tends to treat it as a first resort, and tends to exert majority of her power at the beginning of a fight in order to end it quickly. Because of this, she pushes herself, and her teigu, to their max, meaning the longer the fight goes on, the more likely Lilinette will lose. (Subject to change through character development)


  • Dancing
  • Meditation
  • Helping others
  • Her Friends
  • Sweet foods
  • Hot (not spicy) foods.
  • Animals


  • Cold Weather
  • Cruel individuals
  • Spicy foods
  • Meat
  • Fire
  • People making fools of themselves
  • Being yelled at


  • Losing a loved one: Almost all of Lilinettes remaining loved ones are friends within the revolutionary army, people who, at any minute, could die on the job. Not the best line of work for someone terrified of losing someone they love, however, she rolls with the punches. More often then not, after hearing about the loss of someone she loves, she hides away in her room and morns them. If witnessing a loved one parish, she will more then likely be the next victim unless someone else intervenes, for she will be in complete shock. 
  • Peccatophobia: The fear of sinning. Or in Lilinettes case, the fear of breaking one of the six perfections. (Happens quite often with Wisdom and Patients, so she tries not to think about it).
  • Astraphobia: Fear of thunder. 

Motivations: Ever sense Lilinette was a child, she has always wanted to help people. Getting up in the morning when the sun presented itself over the castle corridors merely meant another day for Lilinette to make people happy. Whether it be telling them jokes when someone is sad, or helping them find something they lost, she has always found great pleasure in helping others. Of course, as time grew on, and she realized the true corruption in the world around her, she began to fall skeptical to her want to help others. This doubt helped flourish a new motive, one to stomp out the scum from the capital walls. On top of this pile of scum, her brother in law. King Henry, the man who killed her sister, and became the cause for the 2nd revolution. The cause for Lilinette to join the Revolutionary army, and recreate Night Raid. 
Extra: ADHD & Depression. 

The Past

History: Lilinette was born the second daughter, third child of Emperor Lance Parami and his wife, Cordelia Parami. As a child, Lilinette grew up being taught how to be a royal lady of the kingdom. Her eldest sister, Sumia, was taught how to be a ruler, and her brother(s) were taught in combat. Everyday, Lilinette would learn new things about the fascinating world of table manners, and princess edicate. When she wasn't in classes, she would go around trying to help the maids and butlers of the castle, asking them if they wanted her help, more often then not, they said no. This was Lilinettes life, the rest of her life, or at least, it was supposed to be. At the age of seven, she found a tunnel leading out of the castel. Every day, after classes, instead of asking the castle staff if they needed assistance, she would leave the castle, and go around to the local townsfolk and try to help them. 

Eventually, the young princess would stop going to classes and just wake up in the morning and go help people. This would have gone better if Lilinette was not known by the teacher as the princess, and had she not been the teachers only student. Lilinette was found by imperial soldiers, and brought to her parents at once. They weren't happy with her behavior, and were horrified by the fact that she had been leaving the kingdom. However, her father, King lance, was happy to hear that his daughter was doing something to help the poor. So, he bought her a new teacher, who taught her a new subject along side ladylike manner, a teacher in the six perfections. 

Lilinette was quite aware of the six perfections, she had met most of the generals for the imperial army who had the titles. She then took classes on how to be generous, moral, patient, energetic, wise, and on how to meditate. By the time she was 16, she had perfected Generosity, Morality, Energy, and was on the verge of Meditation. 

On her 19th birthday, her father presented her with a gift, as he did with all of his children on their 18th birthdays. He presented her with an Imperial arms. Unlike her siblings, however, she was given one made especially for herself, Buddhas Sixth Sati, Saṅkhāra. Her father, the ruling Emperor at the time, had been creating new Imperial arms sense the beginning of his reign, so it was no surprise when he had one costume made.  

A few months later, Lilinettes oldest sister, Sumia, married a man named Henry, a few months after that Sumia became empress, and  afew months after that, Sumia died. 

The coroner, paid off by Sumias husband, declared it natural causes. Lilinette, however, knew it wasn't. She knew Henry had something to do with it. 

However, Lilinette kept her mouth shut. She had no evidence, and knew trying to say something about the new Emperor being a murderer would only end her up in the gallows. 

Of course, when Lilinette was  21 years old, she saw something horrified. People had been going missing, something most upper class people didn't know. However, Lilinette spent lots of time in Places like Gyogan, places only the lower class resided in. Lilinette had found these people in the basement of the castle, being tested on, exsperimented on, mutilated, and turned into monstrousities. She didnt see much, but it was enough to motivate her to leave. She ran to her room, packed a single bag, and left the capital. She went to the one place she knew she could trust people, Gyogan. 

She was hoping to find people she could trust, and with in 48 hours of her arriving in the city of Gyogan, she did just that. Stumbling into one of the Revolutionary armies generals. 

Shortly after, Lilinette went through a few months of training, and was quickly pushed into the fields, being titled as Night Raids "Interim Leader", and tasked with finding people to join Night Raid and the Revolutionary army, and given some of the most dangerous missions they could think of. 

One Final Question: How many general rules are there? 7

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