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Night Raid/Jaeger Template


Raijn Tamaki Tumblr_inline_n933p4N38r1sqw703
"There is no such thing as failure when you're a member of Night Raid....."

Name: Raijin Tamaki
Age: 17
Birthday December 29
Gender Female
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Faction: Night Raid
Rank: D
Teigu: The Blade of the Storm Queen: Indra

The Facade

Build: Raijin has a slim-hourglass figure.  She has a D-Cup Chest and wears a medium a majority of time when talking about clothing sizes.
Height: 5'8
Weight: 140
Skin Color: She has light brown skin and therefore has been confused for a variety of races. In reality she is simply a black female.  She identifies as such.
Hair color:  Raijin has extremely dark brown hair that can appear black depending on the lighting.
Eye Color: Chocolate Dark Brown
Raijin's has a lazy, laid back style in terms of everyday fashion.  Her clothes usually compose of simple colored pieces that have beads or lace or ruffles.  Anotherwards, simplicity with a bit of oomf!As for formal wear, Raijin likes to usually go for a cultural twists.  Either wearing kimonos or kente cloth dresses.    Raijin wears the first typical clothing on the far left the most, with the 2nd being the most commonly worn, then the 3rd, then so on.

Typically- Can wear any of these outfits at a general time. typical clothes
Casual Events- casual event clothing
Formal Events- Formal Clothes
In-Combat-  In Combat Clothing
Assassinating/Hunting- Assasinating/Hunting Clothing

Extra: Various scars on her back and legs from the abusive  training her adoptive father put her through.

The Persona

Raijin can be very wish-washy when it comes to her views on things(such as people and her sexuality), but is very decisive when it comes to want she wants and face with battle. Her teigu requires her to make quick decisions so, she is also very tactical and calculating. She has above-average intelligence, but lacks social skills, empathy, and personality she needs every day to move through in life. So, consider her somewhat ignorant. She is notorious for skipping meals, usually consuming 1-2 to meals per day. She is usually quiet and keeps to herself, unless she sees a flaw or speaking is mandatory. She typically has a straight expression on her face. 

Raijin comes across as serious and intimidating to most people; a Person. She likes people to get straight to the point unless extra details are necessary. She is a huge antisocial, and rarely talks to anyone unless spoken too. She is defensive.

However, despite her Person persona, Raijin has a high amount of sex appeal. She will use it if necessary, or if she’s in a perverted mood un general and denies the thought.

Fighting Style: In terms of her opponent knowing she is there, Raijin is incredibly aggressive in combat.  Often times going head first and trying to intimidate her opponent  with speed.  When her opponent doesn't know she is there she often times uses guerilla warfare to try to down her opponent(s) in numbers.

  • Sex
  • Education/Learning
  • Fighting
  • Sleeping
  • The Outdoors


  • Sweethearts
  • Some people
  • Loud Noises
  • Randomness
  • Losing

Fears: Raijin has an intense fear of clowns, could be classified as phobia.  Raijin has an intense dislike and fear of spiders, simply because she has a dislike of things that crawl and hard to see(because spiders are small of course.)  This also applies to why she dislikes the dark, because it is hard to see her opponent when it is dark and makes her more vulnerable to be hit/attacked.
What motivates Raijin is that she simply wants a better world.  As everyone she knows is deceased or unknown to about their whereabouts, Raijin has no living relatives she could figt for.  She fights for her friends at Night Raid and to avenge the deaths and lives of her biological mother and father by taking down the Capital.

Extra: HFA-High Functioning Autism which would explain her lack empathy at times and her lack of emotion.

The Past


Raijin was the daughter of two people who were kidnapped to be on one of the biggest sex slave trades in the Capital City.  Her mother died of childbirth, her father died of lack of proper nutrients and food a few days after.  A majority of the time they disposed of children in sex slave trades are used them for some of the nastier clients, but Raijin was favorably taken in by one of the bodyguards, Svenais, of the Pimp(yes his name) and was adopted.

The trade was tied into the Capital, and soldiers would come to them to get well…..you know. 

As she grew up Raijin was always oblivious of her origin despite her and Svenais looking nothing alike.  Svenais was tall, muscular, blonde middle aged male and Raijin was a tall, dark skinned, slim, and female.  

Svenais was just as abusive to her as Pimp was to his prostitutues.  His abuse to her was always physical and verbal, as well as occasionally sexual, but Raijin was always told by Svenais that he was helping her.  Svenais would train her to, as he was a bodyguard to Pimp, he taught her how to fight and handle herself.

However, her sad lifestyle ended one day once Night Raid had decided to target Pimp and his men to free the slaves.  

Raijin had the option to either to stop combating again Night Raid(as she wasn’t their target) or to go against them with Pimp and possibly risked being killed. Which option did she choose? After hearing how this wasn’t love, this was abuse, and how her real parents were dead she killed Pimp and Svenais.

She’s only been with Night Raid not to long.   Only recently was she recruited by Lilinette.
One Final Question: 7

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Post by Empress Naga on Tue Dec 29, 2015 1:00 pm

Actually, not quite. 

1) Why is your character named after her teigu 

2) Could you fix the forma event link? 

3) Attire needs to have at least a 75 word description. 

4) Night raid hasn't even been around for a year yet. So if you could try to edit some of your history around that, that would be lovely. 

over all, i really like the character.
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okay, now approved.
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