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Post by Empress Naga on Sat Dec 12, 2015 2:29 am

Melee Weapons
Dagger- 25coins
Katana- 70 coins
Long sword- 150 coins
Spear- 200
Great sword- 300 coins
Poisoning the weapon- +1000 coins

Long-Ranged Weapons
Bow- 250 coins
Pistol- 300 coins
Riffle- 500 coins
Sniper riffle- 750 coins

Long ranged weapons do no come with ammo, you have to purchase it separately. The amount you purchase is the amount you have at the start of each thread. If you buy 10 arrows and 1 poison arrow, then you can only use 10 arrows and 1 poison arrow per thread.
10 Normal Arrows- 25 coins
Poison Arrow- 145 coins
8 normal bullets (Pistol)- 25 coins
5 normal bullets (Riffle) - 30 coins
2 normal bullets (Sniper riffle)- 50 coins
Stun bullet (stuns opponent for 2 posts)- +100 coins
Explosion bullet (explodes a radius of 20 feet)- +500 coins

Shingu & Body Modification
The price of body modifications and shingu vary. Create the body modification or Shingu in the "extra" section of registration, then post the link in the shop. It will then be looked over by staff, and priced. 
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