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Post by Oberon on Sat Oct 31, 2015 9:46 pm

Are you more talented and/or more powerful then most of your peers? Do you crave to do more in the name of the Empire or even for the Revolution? Then Apply here to be a General. You must be a minimum of Rank B and send a 1,000 word RP sample to the first Moderator that asks. 

We also require evidence. If you wish to be a general for the revolutionary army, a sinner, you must link in your application at least 2 threads which shows that your character can handle it.

The Seven Judges(Generals for the Imperial army)
Each judge is corrupt with power, however, they have seemed to completely withdraw from one of the seven sins, making them perfect for finding and passing verdicts on those who commit them.
Lust - Open
Envy - Open
Greed - Open
Pride - Open
Laziness - Open
Gluttony - Open
Wrath - Open

The Six Saviors (Revolutionary Army Generals)
The six saviors are some of the most powerful members of the revolutionary army. They may have some negative personality traits, but over all, they are good, caring people, each one having mastered at least one of the six perfections.
Generosity - Open
Wisdom - Open
Charity - Open
Patience - Open
Kindness - Open
Humility - Open


[b]Character name:[/b]
[b]Link to puzzle box:[/b]
[b]Link to evidence:[/b] (At least 2 topics which show your character fits the title)
[b]Rp sample:[/b] (at least 1000 words, put in spoilers)

Other positions:
Night Raid
Lilinette N. Parami (Interim)
Vice captain (0/1)
Members of Night Raid (0/13)
Vice captain (0/1)

[b]Character name:[/b]
[b]Link to puzzle box:[/b]
[b]Rp sample:[/b] (at least 2,000 words for Captain, 1000 for vice captain, 800 for member of night raid. put in spoilers)

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