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Post by Admin on Wed Jan 21, 2015 9:14 pm

I Thou shalt respect all players. This is a community, and should be treated as such.

II Thou shalt not spam. This includes in the chatbox as well as within threads.

III Thou shalt obey the staff. They're staff for a reason. What they tell you to do should be done without complaints. In rare cases, if you feel that what a staff member says is wrong, you may appeal directly to me. But understand that running this site is a lot of work. I do not want to be bothered by petty matters.

IV Thou shalt not godmod. This involves auto-hitting, auto-dodging, teleporting, claiming your character is not dead, metagaming (Saying your character knows something that they shouldn't, i.e. where the enemies are, what the enemies' weapons are, etc. Just because you as a player knows these things doesn't mean your character knows them.) and many other things. If you are caught godmodding, you will get a warning. On your third godmodding offense, you will be banned from posting in threads for one hour. The time banned will increment with each subsequent offense.

V Thou shalt not swear excessively. If your sentences are loaded with swear words, people get annoyed. Even I, who occasionally swears, gets annoyed. Punishment for this follows the same rules as the above, but also applies to the chatbox.

VIThou shalt not use the canon characters. At this point, this forum is completely non-canon. However, if the idea of roleplaying as canon characters becomes popular, we will open an application process.

VIIThou shalt HAVE FUN. This site was created with the intent and purpose of you, the members, having fun. So fun and good times will be had by all. OR ELSE.

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