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Post by Empress Naga on Fri Aug 07, 2015 7:50 pm

Stats are how we determine a character's proficiency, or lack thereof, in the six main categories. Perception, Speed, Strength, Mitigation, Stamina, and Affinity/Resistance. These allow us to balance out characters, and make sure that they don't all become too over powered, or at the very least make sure they have earned the right to be as powerful as they are. It also allows for staff, and other players, to make judgments about actions done in battle. Making sure that everyone plays fair.

Of course, with being fair, things must be balanced. When a character is created, they start off with a certain amount of stat points. Characters starting off with a Teigu will get 85 stat points to divvy up between the 6 categories as they choose, while a character who does not have a Teigu will start off with 100. This is to help even out the playing field, for teigu alone offer a significant advantage in combat. A character that starts off without a teigu, however, cannot get one until they are C-rank due to this advantage.

During each rank up, a character will gain more stat points. And again, depending on whether or not they have a Teigu will determine how many more points they get. If a character gets a teigu after C-rank, they will have to drop down a rank, in turn giving up the rewarded stat points for that level.

RankTeiguNo Teigu
Now, you would probably like to know what the different stats are.


Perceptions is a person's ability to pick up on things such as minor details, along with how far they can see, and aim. It shows how good that are at picking up who is lying, and for long ranged attackers, it shows how well they are at hitting their target.

Perception Stat Ratios :

(Every 1 stat point is 1 meter that you can hit a target IF you dabble in long ranged weaponry. Someone who has never picked up a gun and who has a high Perception stat will have trouble hitting a target more than 7 meters away. 1 stat point= 2 meters that you can see in front of you)
Stat Points

Extra perks
31-45Good at picking up on details, such as seeing through D-rank illusions.
46-60Good at picking up on details, such as seeing through C-rank illusions and figuring out a persons abilities after just four or five posts.
61-80Good at picking up on details, and figuring out a person's abilities after just two or three posts.
81-90Good at picking up on details, such as seeing through B-rank or lower illusions, and figuring out a persons abilities after just two or three posts, along with being able to figure out just what a particular stat of theirs is after at least three times of witnessing that stat.
91-99Good at picking up on details, such as seeing through A-rank or illusions, and figuring out a person's abilities after just two or three posts, along with being able to figure out just what a particular stat of theirs is after two or three times of witnessing that stat.
100 and aboveCan see through illusions of all ranks except for Z, and can figure out a person's teigu/shingu abilities after just one post, and can even tell their stats right after seeing them use them (such as determining how strong or fast someone is)

This is how fast you can actually walk/run. This being an anime based rpg site, it is very likely that you will be able to move faster than the average  human IRL. However, to move at speeds at great as Akame, form the anime/manga, would mean you would need a very high speed stat.
Speed Stat Ratio:

Stat points

Max Speed
1-102 m/s (4.5 mph)
11-205 m/s (11 mph)
21-406.7 m/s (15 mph)
41-549 m/s (20 mph)
55-6518 m/s (40 mph)
66-7025 m/s (56 mph)
71-8030 m/s (67 mph)
81-9033.5 m/s (75 mph)
91-9540 m/s (90 mph)
96-9955 m/s (112 mph)
10065 m/s (145 mph)

This stat speaks for itself, showing just how much can you lift and how hard you can hit without the help of a weapon.
(When you are attacking with your own body, your strength minus you opponents mitigation will give you how much damage they take)
Strength Stat distribution :

Stat Points

Max weight capacity
1-5100 pounds
6-15150 pounds
16-20235 pounds
21-30350 pounds
31-40500 pounds
41-50750 pounds
51-601000 pounds
61-702,225 pounds
71-803,500 pounds
80-895,000 pounds
90-947,000 pounds
95-9910,000 pounds
10025,000 pounds

This shows how much better you are at protecting yourself. Is your skin harder or maybe you are able to soften a sword blow by parrying the hit. No matter how good you are if you are hit you still take damage.

(Every 2 points invested in Mitigation decreases damage done by 1)


Stamina is how well a person can fight and continue to take damage. Without falling over dead or injured. The more points in this stat the more hits you can take.

(This is determined by the formula 3x+10= Stamina. X is equal to the amount of points you put in.)

Affinity (Teigu Users Only)

Affinity is how closely synced a wielder is to their teigu. A low affinity would mean that you would have a fairly low attachment to it, and would most likely mean that you were using it weaker than your rank ( I.e. a B-rank with an affinity of almost 0 would probably only be able to use it at D-rank power). Of course, the higher the affinity is, the more powerful you can use it (I.e. a C-rank using it at B-rank power).

Affinity Stat Distribution:

Stat PointsUsage
0-152 ranks below (minimum D-rank power)
16-251 rank below (minimum D-rank)
26-50equal to rank of user
51-651 rank above user (Max A-rank)
66-751 rank above user (Max S-rank)
76-80Can use your Trump card twice in one thread. (15 post cool down in between usages)
81-901 Rank above user (Max S-rank)
91-95Can Use trump card twice in one thread (10 post cool down)
96-991 rank above user (Max Z-rank)
100Can use Trump card three times in one thread (8 post cool down in between)

Resistance (Non-Teigu User)

For those who do not use Teigu, they can go through training to learn how to resist it. A high resistance might mean that they only take the damage/feel the effects of a rank or two lower then they are supposed to. (I.e. taking C-rank damage from a B-rank teigu). Unlike an Affinity, however, there is no downside to closing the affinity.

Resistance Stat Distribution:

Stat PointsPerks
21-351 rank below (minimum C-rank)
36-502 ranks below (minimum C-rank)
51-70Once per thread, they can negate the effects of a single trump card.
71-932 ranks below (minimum D-rank)
94-99Twice per thread, they can negate the effects of a trump card.
100Three times per thread, they can negate the effects of a trump card.
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