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Post by Admin on Wed Jan 21, 2015 9:13 pm

I Thou shalt not have more than five characters. This is to prevent the site from being cluttered with dozens of characters written by the same person.
~ Of course, we are not going to simply give you five characters.

  • You start off with 2 characters (one or both can have a Teigu)
  • When one hits C-rank, you unlock a 3rd. (This character cannot start off with a teigu, and can only get one by reaching high ranks in the imperial army, or by winning one in an event. )
  • Once one of them reaches B-rank, you unlock a 4th. (This fourth character can start off with a teigu)
  • Once one of them reaches S-rank, you can have a 5th. (This character can start off with a teigu)
  • You can have 1 character with an organic Teigu.
  • You can only have a max of 3 characters who start off with a Teigu. 

II Thou shalt not have more than one Organic Teigu character. Organic Teigu are the rarest of all weapons, so this only makes sense.

III Thou shalt not attempt to subvert rules I or II. We have ways of finding out who made what character. Seriously, it's not worth the trouble.

IV Thou shalt not roleplay until your character is approved. We have an application process for a reason. Until a staff member approves your character, they are not to be used in any way.

V Thou shalt not create a Teigu for just any character. Canonically, only members of the revolutionary army, Jaegers or high-ranking soldiers of the imperial army have Teigu. Don't give your Imperial Grunt a super weapon. It just doesn't make sense for a low-ranking soldier to have a super-powerful weapon.

VI Thou shalt be creative. Don't copy any characters from the anime/manga, or try to bring a character straight from another anime/manga.

  • Canon teigu are banned from the start. However, we will have events were people can win canon teigu. If your current character already has a teigu, you can give it to another one of your accounts, or sell it to another player who wants it. ) 

VII Getting rid of characters. Most threads on the site will be kill-able, as in you can die without giving permission to another character. (We all watched/read akame ga kill, you know how it is). Of course, you can also sell off your accounts on the black market  to people who wish to own a character you do not wish to have. 

  • As a bit of compensation for having a character killed off, we will allow you to fill that newly emptied character slot with a character of equal or lesser rank. So if your S-ranked soldier gets pawned in a trap, have fun with your shiny new character. 

Permanently Banned Teigu
~These are teigu that will not be available, even through events. And any custom teigu made that mimic these abilities will most likely not be allowed. (NPCs might be given nerfed versions of these teigu) 

  • One Cut Killer: Murasame
  • March of the Dead: Yatsufusa 
  • Dimensional Formation: Shambhala
  • The Speed of Lightning: Susanoo 
  • Honest's Teigu 
  • Shikoutazer 

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